Welcome to the Online NABARD Grade A Study Material

Welcome aspirants to this free NABARD Grade A study material. Under this course, we will post free online study material for NABARD Grade A exam. This course is exclusively designed for the Phase-2 preparation as per latest syllabus. So lets’ get started and study topic by topic

NABARD Grade A Study Material

We have divided the content into three parts:

  1. Economic and Social Issues
  2. Agriculture & Rural Development
  3. Government Schemes: The government schemes section is further split into Agriculture government schemes and other important government schemes.

Economic & Social Issues

  • Nature of Indian Economy: PDF, Video
  • Structure of Indian Economy: PDF, Video
  • Economic underdevelopment: Video
  • Opening up the Indian Economy – LPG Reforms: Article, Video
  • Inflation
    • Trends in Inflation & their Impact on National Economy and Individual Income: Video
  • Poverty Alleviation and Employment Generation in India
  • Measurement of Poverty
  • Poverty Alleviation Programmes of the Government
  • Population Trends – Population Growth and Economic Development
  • Organisations

More Content to be updated soon

Agriculture & Rural Development

Agriculture and Rural Schemes

Other Important Government Schemes (NABARD Grade A study material)

Current Affairs/General Awareness