Ranking of India in Various Index 2019

The various indices and rankings are published frequently to show the progress of nations on diverse indicators. Here is the ranking of India in various index 2019:

ranking of India in Various Index
Index Released by India’s Position Top Three
Global Gender Gap Index 2018 World Economic Forum 108th Iceland, Norway, Sweden
Ease of Doing Business (EODB) 2018 World Bank 77th New Zealand, Singapore, Denmark
Global Democracy Index 2018 Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) 42nd Norway, Iceland, Sweden
Henley Passport Index 2019 Henley & Partners 79th Japan, Singapore, South Korea
Global Talent Competitiveness Index, 2019 INSEAD, The Adecco Group, Tata Communications 80th Switzerland, Singapore, USA
Global Corruption Index 2018 Transparency International 78th Denmark, New Zealand, Finland
Bloomberg Innovation Index 2019 Bloomberg 54th South Korea, Germany, Finland
WTTC Ranking 2018 World Travel and Tourism Council 3rd China, USA, India
International Intellectual Property (IP) Index, 2019 US Chambers of Commerce 36th USA, UK, Sweden
Inclusive Internet Index 2019 Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) 47th Sweden, Singapore, USA
Trends in International Arms Transfers-2018 Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) 2nd Saudi Arabia, India, Egypt
World’s Largest Gold Reserve World Gold Council (WGC) 11th USA, Germany, IMF
Quality of Life Index, 2019 Mercer Chennai (105th) Vienna, Zurich, Vancouver
World Happiness Report 2019 UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network 140th Finland, Denmark, Norway
Global Energy Transition Index 2019 World Economic Forum (WEF) 76th Sweden, Switzerland, Norway
World Press Freedom Index 2019 Reporters Without Borders 140th Norway, Finland, Sweden
Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2019 StartupBlink 17th United States, United Kingdom, Canada
Index of Cancer Preparedness (ICP) 2019 Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) 19th Australia, Netherlands, Germany

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