Important Days Dates 2019 with Themes


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The important days dates along with their themes are asked in almost every exam. So we are providing you the List of Important Days Dates 2019 with Themes.

Important Days Dates 2019

Date Day Theme 2019
March 20th International Day of Happiness Happier Together
March 21st International Day of Forests Forests and Education
March 24th World Tuberculosis Day It’s time
March 23rd World Meteorological Day The Sun, the Earth and the Weather
April 2nd World Austism Awareness Day Assistive Technologies, Active Participation
April 4th International Mine Awareness Day United Nations Promotes SDGs – Safe Ground – Safe Home
April 7th World Health Day Universal health coverage (UHC): Everyone, Everywhere
April 10th World Homoeopathy Day Linking Education and Clinical Practice with Research: Advancing Scientific Collaborations
April 12th International Day of Human Space Flight
April 18th International Day for Monuments and Sites Rural Landscapes
April 21st World Creativity and Innovation Day
April 22nd Earth Day Protect Our Species
April 23rd World Book Day Share a Story
April 24th National Panchayati Raj Day
April 25th World Malaria Day Zero Malaria Starts With Me
April 26th World Intellectual Property Day Reach for Gold: IP and Sports
April 29th International Dance Day
May 1st International Workers’ Day Sustainable Pension for all: The Role of Social Partners
May 2nd World Tuna Day
May 5th World Laughter Day
May 7th World Asthma Day STOP for Asthma
May 8th World Red Cross Day #Love
May 11th National Technology Day
May 11th World Migratory Bird Day Protect Birds: Be the Solution to Plastic Pollution
May 12th International Nurses Day Nurses – A Voice to Lead – Health for All
May 16th International Day of Light
May 17th World Telecommunication and Information Society Day Bridging the Standardization Gap
May 20th World Bee Day
May 20th World Metrology Day The International System of Units – Fundamentally better

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