Committees and Commissions 2014

Dear readers, Questions on Committees and Commissions 2014 are asked in many exam. Here are some of the questions which might help you.

  1. Which panel recommended that the customers should not be required to visit the bank branch for mobile number registration and favored single mobile banking app on all SIMs?
    1.  Nachiket Mor
    2. Vishnusahay
    3. B. Sambamurthy
    4. A. P. Shah
    5. Bimal Jalan
  2. What is the purpose of Vishnu Sahay Committee?
    1. Look into the Disukhnagar Blasts case 2013
    2. Look into Money laundering
    3. Look into fake currency issues
    4. Look probe into the Muzaffarnagar communal Violence
    5. None of these
  3. Reconstituted the advisory board on bank, commercial and financial frauds headed by?
    1. Usha THorat
    2. Prathip Chaudhuri
    3. Shyamala Gopinath
    4. Chandra Kochhar
    5. None of these
  4. High powered committee headed by _________ will submit recommendations of merger of SBI Associates with SBI?
    1. K. Ranganathan
    2. Prathip Chaudhuri
    3. S Vishwanathan
    4. Rajyam Bhaskar
    5. None of these
  5. Recently which Panel has submitted its report on the alleged irregularities at the National Spot Exchange Ltd (NSEL) ?
    1. Sambhamurthi Panel
    2. Govindarajan Panel
    3. Sukhwinder Singh Panel
    4. Arvind Mayaram Panel
    5. Mayavati Panel
  6. Who heads the RBI panel recently said that to encourage housing activity, introduction of fixed-rate loans for up to 30 years?
    1. A. Prabhakar
    2. Alok Kumar Mishra
    3. K. K. Vohra
    4. M. D. Mallaya
    5. Narendra Singh
  7. R. J. Kamath given recommendations on?
    1. Home Loan
    2. Education Loan
    3. Travel Loan
    4. Consumption Loan
    5. None of these
  8. Narasimhan Committee relates to banking reforms, Usha Thorat committee deals with Financial Inclusion, Rajmannar committee recommends on?
    1. Changes in Banking Laws and regarding cheque bounce
    2. Inspection of Banks in North- Eastern states
    3. Individual Bank applications regarding branch license
    4. Issuing of Demand Draft
    5. None of these
  9. Who heads the committee for giving clear definitions to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Foreign Institutional Investment (FII)?
    1. Suman Verma
    2. Damodaran
    3. Y V Reddy
    4. K Thorat
    5. Arvind Mayaram
  10. High level panel headed by Deepak Parekh has recommended increasing tariff for both the imported coal-based thermal station. Deepak Parekh is?
    1. Chairman, PMEC
    2. Chairman, HDFC
    3. Chairman, NSE
    4. Chairman, TCS
    5. None of these
  11. Who heads the committee on comprehensive financial services for small business and low income households?
    1. B Sambamurthy
    2. A P Shah
    3. Nachiket Mor
    4. Vishnusahay
    5. Bimal Jalan
  12. Who is the head of the panel on Road Safety?
    1. Nachiket Mor
    2. B Sambamurthy
    3. Vishnusahay
    4. Bimal Jalan
    5. A P Shah
  13. The committee headed by Anil Kaushal is going to examine the recommendations made by which organization on pricing of Spectrum?
    1. BSNL
    2. SEBI
    3. TROY
    4. TRAI
    5. NABARD
  14. Who heads the panel to scrutinize applications for new bank licenses?
    1. Gokarnan
    2. Sambasivam
    3. Vishnusahay
    4. Dileep Modi
    5. Bimal Jalan
  15. Parthasarathi Shome’s panel is for TARC. It suggests a system to enforce better tax compliance. Expand TARC?
    1. Tax Advantage Remittance Commission
    2. Tax Administration Reform Commission
    3. Tax Articulated Redesigning Commission
    4. Tax Average Reform Commission
    5. Tax Acceptance Reduction Commission
  16. Empowered Committee of State’s Finance Ministers on Goods and Services Tax (GST) elected Abdul Rahim Rather as its new Chairman. He was?
    1. Finance Minister of Rajasthan
    2. Minister of State for Finance
    3. Advisor to Government of India in Commerce and Trade
    4. Chairman of Indian Overseas Bank
    5. Finance Minister of Jammu & Kashmir.
  17. To prepare a report on the socioeconomic, health and educational status of the tribal communities of India, the government appointed a committee headed by?
    1. Ms. Sunila Basant
    2. Prof. Virginius Xaxa
    3. Dr. K. K. Mishra
    4. Dr. Usha Ramanathan
    5. Dr. Joseph Bara
  18. Which committee has been setup by ministry of Human Resource Development to review the status of UGC?
    1. Rakesh Mohan Committee
    2. Hari Gautam Committee
    3. Mohan Prakash Committee
    4. Usha Thorat Committee
    5. Vishnu Sahay Committee
  19. Which committee has been appointed by the central government to review gas pricing formula?
    1. R. K. Jain Committee
    2. Thorat Committee
    3. Suresh Prabhu Committee
    4. B Mahapatra Committee
    5. Raja Chellaiah Committee
  20. A panel on fuel pricing has recently suggested that the diesel prices should be increased by Rs 1-1.50 a litre every month as against the 45-50 paise monthly hike followed currently. Who is the head of this panel?
    1. Kirit Parikh
    2. Ramar pillai
    3. Gokarnan
    4. Vishnusahay
    5. Manoj Tiwari


  1. 3
  2. 4
  3. 3
  4. 3
  5. 4
  6. 3
  7. 2
  8. 1
  9. 5
  10. 2
  11. 3
  12. 5
  13. 4
  14. 5
  15. 1
  16. 5
  17. 2
  18. 2
  19. 3
  20. 1

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