Computer Basics


Q 1.  Which part of computer is called the Brain of Computer?

a.       Keyboard
b.      CPU
c.       ALU
d.      Monitor

Q 2.   The word computer is derived from:
a.       English
b.      French
c.       Latin
d.      Greek
Q 3. The first generation of computers used:
a.       Transistors
b.      Vacuum tubes
c.       IC
d.      VLSI
Q 4. Who is known as father of computer?
a.       Alan Turing
b.      Charles Babbage
c.       Napier
d.      Grace Hopper
Q 5. The collection of facts and figures is called?
a.       Information
b.      Data
c.       Document
d.      File
Q 6. Who invented Punch card?
a.       Charles Babbage
b.      Pascal
c.       Alan Turing
d.      Jacquard
Q 7. Who is considered as father of modern computer science?
a.       Charles Babbage
b.      Jacquard
c.      Alan Turing
d.      Pascal
Q 8. A portable computer is called?
a.       PC
b.      Laptop
c.       Micro Computer
d.      Super Computer
Q 9. What is used in production of Integrated Circuit?
a.       Gold
b.      Magnesium
c.       Silicon
d.      Platinum
Q 10. In which generation of computers, Microprocessors were introduced?
a.       First Generation
b.      Second Generation
c.       Third Generation
d.      Fourth Generation
Q 11. In which country Abacus was developed?
a.       India
b.      China
c.       America
d.      Russia
Q 12. The third generation of computers used:
a.       Transistors
b.      Vacuum tubes
c.       IC
d.      VLSI
Q 13. Who developed integrated circuit?
a.       J Kilbi
b.      Charles Babbage
c.       Alan Turing
d.      CV Raman
Q 14. The digital computer uses which system?
a.       Decimal
b.      Hexadecimal
c.       Octal
d.      Binary
Q 15. First generation computer uses
a.       Machine language
b.      Assembly language
c.       High language
d.      Very high language
1. b
2. c
3. b
4. b
5. b
6. d
7. c
8. b
9. c
10. c
11. b
12. c
13. a
14. d
15. a


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