Geography – Questions Set 4

Q 1. Which of the following instruments is used to measure the amount of rainfall?
a. Thermometer
b. Barometer
c. Rain gauge
d. Wind Vane

Q 2. Which of the following instruments shows the direction of wind?
a. Thermometer
b. Barometer
c. Rain gauge
d. Wind Vane

Q 3. At what oC, the water starts boiling?
a. 20 oC
b. 80 oC
c. 100 oC
d. 110 oC

Q 4. At what oC, water freezes?
a. -10 oC
b. 0 oC
c. 10 oC
d. 15 oC

Q 5. Air pressure is highest at?
a. Sea level
b. Below the sea level
c. Above the sea level
d. None of the above

Q 6. What %age of water is saline on earth?
a. 70%
b. 90%
c. 97.3%
d. 99%

Q 7. What portion of earth’s surface is covered by water?
a. Three-fourth
b. Two-third
c. half
d. One-third

Q 8. World water day is celebrated annually on?
a. 5th June
b. 5th July
c. 22nd February
d. 22nd March

Q 9. Tsunami occurred in India in?
a. 26th December, 2004
b. 26th December, 2006
c. 28th December, 2008
d. 28th December, 2010

Q 10. Tsunami is a
a. American word
b. Japanese word
c. Chinese word
d. Latin word

Q1.(c), Q2. (d), Q3. (d), Q4. (b), Q5. (b), Q6. (c), Q7. (a), Q8. (d), Q9. (a), Q10. (b)


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