Banking – Questions Set 2

In our series of questions for various banking competitive exams, here is questions of general awareness for sbi po exam.

Q 1. Who has the sole right to issue currency notes except one rupee note in India?
a. RBI
b. Ministry of finance
c. SBI
d. None of the above

Q 2. Who issues the one rupee notes in India?
a. RBI
b. Ministry of finance
c. SBI
d. None of the above

Q 3. Whose signature is present on one rupee note?
a. Finance Minister
b. President of India
c. Finance Secretary
d. Governor of RBI

Q 4. What is the minimum amount stipulation for RTGS transaction?
a. 1 lac
b. 2 lac
c. 3 lac
d. 4 lac

Q 5. Who acts as chairperson of Financial Stability and Development Council (FSDC)?
a. Governor, RBI
b. Secretary, Department of Finance
c. Chief Economic Advisor, Ministry of Finance
d. The Finance Minister of India

Q 6. Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) was established in?
a. 2003
b. 2000
c. 1996
d. 1982

Q 7. Who was the first governor of RBI?
a. Sir James Taylor
b. Sir Osborne Smith
c. Sir C D Deshmukh
d. Sir Benegal Rama Rau

Q 8. Which bank introduced first ATM in India?
c. SBI
d. PNB

Q 9. Which was the first Indian bank to open overseas branch?
a. Bank of India
b. Central Bank of India
c. State Bank of India
d. Bank of Baroda

Q 10. Which was the first Indian bank to provide internet banking facility?
b. HDFC bank
c. SBI
d. ICICI bank

Q 1. (a), Q 2. (b), Q 3. (c), Q 4. (b), Q 5. (d), Q 6. (a), Q 7. (c), Q 8. (b), Q 9. (a), Q 10. (d)

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