General awareness quiz for RBI/IBPS PO Sept 7th 2018

Here is the General awareness quiz for RBI/IBPS PO Sept 7th 2018 in the quiz series for RBI grade B. This quiz series is also useful for IBPS/SBI PO, Railway recruitment, LIC AAO and clerical exams. The questions covers current affairs, static financial knowledge and other  important topics which can be asked in competitive exams. Answers are given at the end of the quiz.

General awareness quiz for RBI/IBPS PO Sept 7th 2018

Q1. The government has decided to increase the wages of artisans by how much percentage?

  1. 20%
  2. 24%
  3. 32%
  4. 36%

Q2. Where is the headquarters of Coffee Board of India situated?

  1. Hyderabad
  2. Bengaluru
  3. New Delhi
  4. Chennai

Q3. International Charity Day is observed annually on __________?

  1. 1st September
  2. 3rd September
  3. 5th September
  4. 7th September

Q4. Where does International Women Entrepreneurs Summit 2018 held?

  1. Kathmandu
  2. New Delhi
  3. Beijing
  4. Dhaka

Q5. What is the theme of International Women Entrepreneurs Summit 2018?

  1. Equity begins with Women empowerment
  2. Economic empowerment by women participation
  3. Equality begins with Economic Empowerment
  4. Women empowerment begins with Economic Equity

Q6. KAZIND is the military exercise of India with which country?

  1. Kazakhstan
  2. Kenya
  3. Kiribati
  4. Kuwait

Q7. Who has been elected as new President of Pakistan?

  1. Mamnoon Hussain
  2. Imran Khan
  3. Maulana Fazl-ur Rehman
  4. Arif-ur-Rehman Alvi

Q8. Who has launched the ‘E@Secure’, a Cyber Insurance Policy for individuals?

  1. Future Generali India Insurance
  3. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance.
  4. Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Q9. What amount has been sanctioned to West Bengal in August by NABARD?

  1. 300 cr
  2. 320 cr
  3. 335 cr
  4. 350 cr

Q10. RP Singh announced his retirement from international format of the game. He belongs to which sport?

  1. Cricket
  2. Hockey
  3. Tennis
  4. Football


  1. 4
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 1
  5. 3
  6. 1
  7. 4
  8. 2
  9. 3
  10. 1

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